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Pre-Filled Containers

Michigan Peat's pre-filled containers save growers time, labor, and overhead. These pre-moistened flats are palletized and stretch-wrapped to prevent damage before, during, and after shipment. Each flat is properly filled with the consistent, uniform BACCTO blend of your choice. The same high quality that is standard with all bagged products can be found in our pre-filled flats.

Mixes Available for Pre-Filled Containers:

BACCTO Professional Planting Mix
BACCTO High Porosity Professional Planting Mix
BACCTO High Density Professional Planting Mix
BACCTO Bark 1000 Professional Planting Mix

Product Availability:

Size Code
True and Standard Sizes 1203
True and Standard Sizes 1204
Standard Size 1206
Standard Hi-Rise Size 1801
True Size 1801



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