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Professional Mixes

The Michigan Peat BACCTO line of professional planting mixes provides a wide range of mixes to meet most grower needs. We know consistency is the key to success. That's why -- bag after bag -- each mix is carefully processed and subjected to thorough Quality Control to ensure proper balance of physical and chemical properties. All mixes are ready-to-use and highly buffered. In most instances a grower can expect reduced watering time and fertilizer use.

NEW BACCTO Professional Grower's Mix  |  BACCTO Professional Planting Mix  |  BACCTO High Density Professional Planting Mix

BACCTO High Porosity Professional Planting Mix  |  BACCTO Bark 1000 Professional Planting Mix

BACCTO Bark 2000 Professional Planting Mix  |  BACCTO Seedling/Propagating Mix  |  BACCTO Professional Fortified Sphagnum Blend

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