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BACCTO Professional Fortified Sphagnum Blend

BACCTO Professional Fortified Sphagnum Blend is a high quality scientifically formulated growing media base used to ensure the optimum growth potential. This product is blended in a special system that provides uniformity, easy handling, and the highest possible consistency from shipment to shipment. Pre-moistened BACCTO Professional Fortified Sphagnum Blend is formulated to enhance the growth of bedding and potted crops in flats, pots, and hanging baskets where higher moisture reserves and shelf life are needed in self-customized mixes.

Blend Characteristics Include:

  • pH-stable pre-moistened horticultural sphagnum peat
  • pH-adjusted by adding dolomitic lime
  • High nutrient and pH buffering
  • A balance of major and minor nutrients and wetting agents
  • Excellent air porosity and high moisture reserve balance
  • "Grower friendly" composition that's easy to handle
  • Extends crop shelf-life after leaving the greenhouse

Recommended Applications:

  • added to light weight mixes for greater pH stability and increased moisture reserve
  • used as peat base for ‘make your own’ growing mixes


  • Pre-moistened horticultural sphagnum peat
  • Dolomitic limestone
  • Balanced nutrient charge with trace elements
  • Wetting agent

Features and Benefits:

  • Nutrient and pH Buffering are optimized in this blend. Nutrients are less likely to leach out the bottom of the container with the high nutrient exchange capabilities. Constant liquid feeding is desirable; however, due to the excellent nutrient buffering, this blend will require less feeding than most. Monitoring soluble salts is always recommended in any medium.
  • Pre-Moistened Horticultural Sphagnum Peat provides easy watering and transplanting. Wetting agents are added to provide rapid remoistening, in case it gets excessively dry.
  • Water Holding is optimal in this blend. Select quality sphagnum peat is neither too wet nor too dry after a thorough watering. Wetting agents help to provide ease of watering.
  • Low Cost. Due to the location of our facilities and the ability to produce and obtain aggregates and additives in volume, we can supply the high quality planting blend at a cost-effective price. Quality will not be sacrificed. Be sure to compare the cost per container and couple that with the degree of performance.
  • Easy Handling is one of the best characteristics of this blend. The light weight and fluffy texture make this material easy to handle and desirable to plant into. It is neither sticky nor granular, and will hold its texture throughout the life of the crop.
  • Low Run-Off of fertilizers and pesticides is a feature of this mix. It has a high Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) that holds the nutrients in the root-zone for plant use. Less fertilizer could be needed by the crops, which would also reduce run-off.

Product Availability:

Size Code
3.8 cu. ft. compressed bale 2138
60 cu. ft. bulk bags 3522



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