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Important: Michigan Peat Company reserves the right to amend, replace, or cancel the Co-op Advertising Program, or any part thereof, at any time without notice or obligation. We reserve the right to require copies of media contracts and invoices, cancelled checks in payment of media invoices, and any other pertinent document before we process a claim. We also reserve the right to terminate the participation of any retailer who, in our sole judgment, violates any program provisions, and to refuse reimbursement for improperly submitted claims.

Terms & Conditions

Program Year: November 1 through October 31. Ad allowances are not cumulative; unused allowances at the end of the program year will be cancelled automatically.

Products Covered: BACCTO retail products only.

Reimbursement: In the following Approved Media categories, 100% of advertising costs up to 3% of net purchases of BACCTO brand retail products during the program year. Net advertising costs shall be based on net local retail advertising rates after all discounts and anticipated rebates, or the actual net cost to the retailer, whichever is less. If there is any question regarding payment eligibility under the terms of this program, please contact Michigan Peat Company before running your advertisement.

Payable Space/Time: Actual space/time devoted to eligible products plus a pro-rata share of headline, signature, dealer tag (so long as the non-product space does not exceed 20% of the advertisement).

Available Materials: High-resolution ad slicks, logos, and product images are available for download. Click here to access these materials.

Claim Submission: Submit claims within 60 days of the advertising date to Michigan Peat Company, P.O. Box 980129, Houston, TX 77098-0129. Retailers buying through distributors must provide proof of purchases for calculating the accrual; preferably copies of the distributor's invoice(s) for BACCTO purchases. Alternatively, retailers may submit program claims through their distributors.

Approved Media

Newspapers: All general-interest daily, Sunday, and weekly newspapers serving the advertiser's primary trading area, for which retail rates and circulation data can be verified by independent audit.

  • Requirements -- BACCTO brand name, properly spelled; accurate product illustration and description.
  • Limitations/Restrictions -- Display advertising only; no agency commission affecting rate; no production charges; no special position charges.
  • Claim Documentation -- Full-page tearsheet; publisher's monthly invoice or memo billing showing total ad size as well as BACCTO portion, and rate as paid with discounts taken.

Circulars/Flyers/Direct-Mail: Prepared, printed, and distributed by the advertiser

  • Requirements -- Same as for Newspapers.
  • Limitations/Restrictions -- No agency commission.
  • Claim Documentation -- Copy of complete circular, flyer, or direct-mail materials; proof of distribution (postal receipt Form 3602, newspaper insert invoice, delivery-service certification); invoices for production, printing, and distribution; statement of amount claimed.

Radio/Television: SUBJECT TO PRIOR APPROVAL BY MICHIGAN PEAT COMPANY. Submit proposed scripts/tapes and media plan at least 45 days before program is scheduled to air.

  • Requirements -- Repeated mention of the BACCTO brand name, with product description.
  • Limitations/Restrictions -- No agency commission; no program sponsorship; no production charges; no talent charges; prior disclosure and our acceptance of brokered or bartered advertising.
  • Claim Documentation -- Script bearing notarized ANA/RAB or ANA/TvB certification number and net cost per spot broadcast, referencing the invoice, by number and/or date, on which the spot(s) were billed (ANA "Electronic Tearsheet"); station's monthly invoice (memo billings not acceptable); statement of amount claimed; copy of Michigan Peat Company's prior approval.

Additional Information

The purpose of the BACCTO Co-op Advertising Program is to increase consumer awareness of the BACCTO brand name, the BACCTO product line, and the retail outlets for BACCTO soils and mixes. It should not be construed as an inducement for the retailer to purchase Michigan Peat Company products.

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